My name is Joanne Livingston and I am a bear maker.  I began making and selling bears in the 1980's.  I actually started as a doll maker, making and selling Santa Clauses. I began adding small bears to my Santa's packs. People wanted the bears, and soon bears were all I made. 
When my daughter was born in 1993 I took a long break from selling my bears and began again in 2007.

I am a self taught bear maker. Many of the techniques that I use on the bears I have created myself. For years I shared those techniques, and they are now used by many. 

I have a great love of bears, and because of that I have no desire to make any other animal. North American black bear are my favorite bears. They come in many colors, from black to white, they have more color phases than any North American animal. All though I make other bears the main focus of my work is black bear cubs.