Convention Fun

June 2, 2019

It’s been a month now since The Quinlan Convention. The week before the convention I had a couple  of international visitors come and stay. Linda Hearn (Critter Creations) , Wayne Lim (Wayneston Bears) and I spent the week antiquing, creating and talking teddy bears, it was a great way to prepare for the show. 

Linda, me, and Wayne standing in front of my garage. 

The Convention is always a good time. This year I had three collectors contact me telling me they were coming for the first time. One from the US, one from Austria, and one from China. We met up that first night and spent the weekend all together. 

Dinnertime fun.

I came to the show with only eight bears. I am hoping next year to have my usual twelve. I have already begun working on them. With another fulltime business it's getting increasingly harder to find the time. I really enjoy selling in person, so for at least one more year I'll keep the bears I make for the show. 

Terry Quinlan has already told us that he will drop the price of the convention next year to $95.00 for the weekend. That includes most meals, and all the weekend activities. Think about it for next year. Let me know you're coming. I'll be sure to find you there. 

My table display


  1. Thank you for sharing about your experience with the Philly show! Sounds like SUCH fun. I am thinking about going in 2020. Not sure if I can make enough bears to sell or if I would go as a collector. Would love to see you and your bears again and meet other artists! I love that Wayne and Linda spent time with you before the convention, too.

    1. I think you would love it Debora. You will know so many of the artists there already. There have been years that I have not sold. I think I have only sold only about half the time I've attended. I just enjoy the whole thing. I hope I get to see you there next year. I would love that.

  2. Hi Joanne, I am from the UK and I admire your bears so much. I would really like to buy or commission one from you, could you tell me how to go about this please? Thanks Nicki

    1. Hi Nicki, I'm so glad you like the bears. I do not do commission work. I let the mailing list know when I have bears for sale. The best thing to do would be to join the mailing list. You will find that on the purchasing and contact page. At this time it will be a while before there are new bears.

    2. Hi Joanne, thank you for that recommend and link, I was able to get a great pattern. I want to make a cub so what would you say the main differences? I was thinking shorter neck, rounder head and bigger more set back ears. Thanks Nicki


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