Playing With the Bears

January 13,2019

The bears all sit with me as I work on them. I pick them up, I pose and play with them. I have them for a little while as my own. The final photos of the bears are a chore, they takes hours. The photos I take while I'm playing are quick and fun, and really the photos I love the best. These are the Quinlan Show work in progress bears, I was playing with them this week. I am a ball jointed doll collector, and I really love to photograph the bears and the dolls together. 

This little girl would like to keep this knitted mouse, but I must tell her no. 

Ruby is not one bit afraid, what a brave little soul. 

I'm hoping for a total of eight bears for the Quinlan Show. Bear work time is limited. I want to bring the best eight bears with me that I can create. That means taking my time, enjoying the process, and that includes playtime. 


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