Themed Bears for the Show

April 3rd, 2019

The Quinlan Show always has tables of bears and dolls made in a certain theme. They are exhibited  before the show, and available for sale at that time. I have never participated in the themed gallery, but this year I will participate in some of them. It has taken thought and research, and I must say I enjoyed the whole process. This little lady will be on the Elizabethan fashion and character table. Here she is trying on her Elizabethan collar. She is sitting on a cake stand which I aged. For some reason having her sit on a fancy stand just stuck in my head. I will add some pretty rose petals for her to sit on.

I can hardly believe it's almost time. 
Hope to see some of you there. 

Playing With the Bears

January 13,2019

The bears all sit with me as I work on them. I pick them up, I pose and play with them. I have them for a little while as my own. The final photos of the bears are a chore, they takes hours. The photos I take while I'm playing are quick and fun, and really the photos I love the best. These are the Quinlan Show work in progress bears, I was playing with them this week. I am a ball jointed doll collector, and I really love to photograph the bears and the dolls together. 

This little girl would like to keep this knitted mouse, but I must tell her no. 

Ruby is not one bit afraid, what a brave little soul. 

I'm hoping for a total of eight bears for the Quinlan Show. Bear work time is limited. I want to bring the best eight bears with me that I can create. That means taking my time, enjoying the process, and that includes playtime. 

The Three Bears

January 6, 2019

Three black bears, a blonde, a cinnamon and a black in different stages of progress. The finishing work is what takes me the longest. As I begin work on the blonde’s face, I continue working on the other two. The cinnamon has been trimmed, and I’ve been working on shading. The black bear has been trimmed, but no shading yet. As the group grows for the Quinlan Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Convention, I’ll continue to play around with the shading especially till I walk out the door with them.